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I found out on Thursday that a short story I submitted was accepted to be published in a local writers’ magazine. Now I don’t know exactly what the distribution of the magazine is, nor what sort of scope of readership it has but none the less – I will soon be able to say that I am a published author. Just saying it feels really really good.

I’ve had some really positive feedback from my friends about this and it makes me feel like I am not wasting my time with this writing caper. I know that I said I wasn’t doing it for the fame, or the compliments, but they certainly help.

The magazine is called “Positive Words” and my story will be featured in the November issue. If you’re interested in purchasing a copy of the magazine contact the editor, Sandra.

In other news my knee is recovering well, both my physio and my surgeon said it’s healing well, which is good to hear. It has been a pretty painful and disheartening experience, and I’ve probably got another six months of rehab before I’m back to normal, but I’m getting there.

I also started taking antidepressants this week. To be honest I am really surprised at the significant difference in my mood and energy levels even over that short time. I think a small part of me was scared they wouldn’t work. I am alert, I have motivation for things, I haven’t cried for several days, I am much more resilient to set-backs and stress (particularly at work). The only side effect I am aware of at the moment is that I constantly feel like I’ve had too much coffee – buzz buzz. My workmates commented that I was super perky when I said good morning the other day.

I haven’t decided yet whether this is an effect of the medication itself or whether it has improved my brain chemistry to remove the lethargy and inertia commonly associated with biological depressions. Either way, slightly jittery and overly excitable are preferable to being a crying, anxious puddle who doesn’t go outside. I don’t expect to take the medication forever, maybe six months while I get through this period of my life, but I hope that this desire to grab life by the horns and increased energy continue when I stop.