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I wrote quite a long post about how I’ve been a bit down recently over my lack of romance. I have decided not to publish that. Instead, I am going to publish the below list of affirmations that came out of that post and that I want to make the mantras of my life.

I am quiet; I can hear what the universe is telling me in a whisper.
I am open; I am ready to accept into my heart whoever the universe brings me.
I am patient; I accept that I am not ready for some of the things the universe has planned and I accept that they will come when I am ready for them.
I am worthy; I deserve to be happy and fulfilled.
I am strong; I am strong enough to admit that I need other people to support me.
I love myself; I am a fantastic person and deserve to make others richer through my friendship with them.
I am willing to learn; I will do everything in my power to accept the lessons I am shown and to absorb the knowledge of the universe.
I am a creator; I create my world, I create my art, I create myself.
I am powerful; I am the only person who can accept the gifts of the universe.
I am sensitive; I allow myself to feel pain and joy and suffering and ecstasy.

I hope that by putting these affirmations out into the universe they become real for me. It is hard to accept that this part of my journey is a lonely one, but I believe that it is merely the darkness before the light, the cold that gives definition to the warmth.

So Universe – I give myself up to you!