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I had my last exam for the semester yesterday, I don’t have to start paid work again for another week or so and I decided I was going to focus on doing some projects. I realise that I’ve said this before and life has gotten in the way, and I realise that it will get in the way again, but I will keep trying until I get the right balance.

Anyway, back to the story. I spent the day with my friend Jonathan as he finished off a four panel spray paint art piece for an exhibition at Artboy in Prahran. I was there to be helpful company and to help him get the art from his place to Prahran by the deadline (I have a car, he does not). On the way to the gallery we stopped off at an art supply store and I *accidentally* bought a cute sketch pad and some nice soft pencils.

After spending the day in the company of an artist I really admire I was inspired to improve my drawing skills. I had previously tried to reproduce some of the life modelling photos that I’ve done but they have proven to be super hard – especially getting the faces and foreshortening right. Today I tried to focus on some slightly less challenging photos that I had in my archives.

Behold my first two drawings:

This first drawing was taken from this photo, one of my night photos from the Brunswick St adventure.

This second drawing was from this photo on the beach adventure.

I quite like these two drawings and I am pleased to say I am not as awful at drawing as I thought I was. I guess when it comes down to it, people are really hard to draw and I’ve been a bit out of practise. But practise makes perfect so I hope to be doing a lot more drawing in the next few weeks (as well as writing and photos).