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Hello world!

In the last thirty days I have undertaken the massive, mind-boggling, word-murdering challenge that is NaNoWriMo and I have won. I am now the proud owner of my second novel length manuscript. Currently entitled ‘Adventures in Mediocrity’ is it about 55,000 words long. This is not a long novel, as novels go, however having written all 55k words in the last thirty days I’m still pretty darned proud of it. It has meant saying no to a lot of things, and sitting at home writing for about two hours a day, but the sacrifices have been worth it.

Over the next few days I will be making some very basic typographical edits and then letting the first draft sit on the back burner for a while so I can forget what I wrote a little bit. I am planning to do a more thorough edit in early 2014 and will be sending the first draft to some trusted advisors for comments between now and then.

There are two exciting projects I am planning in December; the first is a triptych mural for the blank brick wall that faces my bedroom window. It will feature three iconic Melbourne silhouettes and will be done on large sheets of plywood. The second is adapting the novel that I just wrote into a screenplay. I feel like the story would make a good film, and I have already sent out some feelers to film production groups in Melbourne to gauge interest (they were interested). So that should be a great challenge. It’s a whole new format that has some seriously exciting potential and I’m keen to get it under way!

I would like to thank everyone for their love and support through this crazy project, without encouragement from people in my life I would not be able to continue to learn and grow and love where my life is at. And I hope it’s not presumptuous to expect that I will have you continued love and support for future projects.

I had been a little worried after finishing NaNoWriMo last year, and having written a novel what was heavily autobiographical in origin, that I didn’t have another story inside me, but I did and reading over it today I’m pretty pleased with how not completely crap it is. I hope that I continue to have ideas that will inspire me to keep writing and creating and that one day my dream of being able to make a living from my creative stuff becomes a reality. Right now though, I’m happy to keep doing it because I enjoy it.