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As part of the Penguin workshop we were given a scenario and 7 minutes to write something about it. I thought I would share it with you, it just goes to show that even when you think you have nothing to write, you can find something.

Stimulus: We are at a very fancy party, a woman is arranging flowers in a vase, someone appears at the door, the room falls silent. What happens next?

I watch her standing there in the corner, arranging her fucking white roses for the fiftieth time. I know she’s seen me, how can she not? I’m at the door, dripping onto her expensive carpet, soaked through and freezing at her fucking party.

“You weren’t invited.” she says over her shoulder, without looking up. She doesn’t need to speak loudly the room is deathly silent.

“I…” I start, interrupted by a violent shiver “I had to see you.” I don’t move, I know there is a fine line to tread to get her to listen.

“Why?” she asks. A simple question but it means she’s willing to listen.

“I know it’s my baby Gemma.” I say, “I know you wanted to get rid of it, because it doesn’t fit into your plan, and because you think you want to be with Henry now, but dammit, I know you can’t kill it.”

Now she turns to me, her eyes full of fire, and stalks across the room until she’s inches from me. She looks up into my face, hers twisted into a sinister smile.

“It’s already gone John. There is no baby anymore.” she looks away and laughs bitterly.

“You have nothing to be here for, get out of my house.” she still speaks quietly but I know there is no question in her mind that I will go.

“Gemma!” I protest.

“Just go.” she sighs, turning back to the party.