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I realised today that I haven’t posted anything in more than a week. I feel a little bit bad about this but then again I don’t. I’ve had a lot of real life shit getting in the way of my blog; such as moving house and finding out I need a knee reconstruction.

Apart from being tired and kind of sooky as a result of both of these things I have been doing a bit of writing on both my memoirs and my novella. I’ve also been indulging in some excellent trashy TV and rediscovering the joys of Joss Whedon shows and trying to read more. The novella is now about 9000 words so I’m feeling pretty good about it. I’ve showed it to a friend of mine a couple of times and have taken on board some of his suggestions. I am also taking it to the Caulfield writers group to get their feedback tonight.

I think there is some good potential in the story of the novella although I’m having a bit of trouble with the fact that I’ve written it in the first person and some of the plot points that make it interesting are not known by the protagonist. Has anyone else run into this problem? How have you approached it?

My thinking at this stage is to finish the story from her point of view and if I am particularly driven to do so write another section from another first person point of view which fills in those plot points. We’ll see how it goes.

The memoirs are something else entirely I think. I have a feeling they will be more of a personal exercise that something I necessarily show people, but even so I’m finding it very fulfilling to write them. That is the ones that behave, at least one episode I’ve tried to write seems to turn into drivel every time, it’s very frustrating.

So depending on how I feel after my surgery I will be either writing prolifically or not at all, I hope to get something out, even if it’s just some sort of drug addled nonsense, I’m sure it will be amusing in some way.