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I recently submitted a (potentially) humourous quiz that I’d written to the Monash University campus magazine, Lot’s Wife. Unfortunately they chose not to accept the submission, they said it was not suited to their readership and that the concept was ‘overdone’ (they’re probably right). Regardless of this setback, I liked my quiz and feel like you should as well. Given that I can publish whatever I feel like on my blog, regardless of it’s quality or hilarity, I’m going to subject you to the banality and over-cooked-ness that is the ‘What is your style’ quiz.

What is your style?

I have recently come to the conclusion that I’ve accidentally become a hipster. In order to save you all from the same fate, I have developed this quiz to help you understand your style.

What is your preferred mode of transport?
A: Car
B: Public Transport
C: Bicycle
D: FixieWhat is your favourite band?

A: Macklemore
B: Whatever’s on the radio
C: Fiona Apple
D: You wouldn’t have heard of them.

What do you usually take photos of?
A: My friends
B: Myself
C: Nature or animals
D: Your food or cats

What is your favourite radio station?
A: Nova
B: Fox
C: Triple J

What is your preferred social media?
A: Facebook
B: Twitter
C: Tumblr
D: Instagram

Do you have any tattoos?
A: No, not yet
B: No, I don’t want any
C: Yes, on my back
D: Yes, on my calf/neck

Where do you buy your clothes?
A: Chadstone
B: Doesn’t matter as long as it’s cheap
C: Op shops or markets
D: Op shops in Brunswick

How do you listen to your music:
A: Through my iPad/iPhone
B: Streamed/downloaded online
C: I prefer drum circles
D: On vinyl

What’s your favourite item of clothing:
A: My ugg boots
B: Anything with no holes
C: My fisherman pants
D: My brown cardigan

Do you have glasses?
A: Yes, I wear them
B: Yes, but I don’t wear them
C: No, I don’t need them
D: I wear them, but I don’t need them

Your Results:

Mostly As:
You clearly still live at home with mum and or dad and they still pay for most of your stuff. As a result your style is more expensive that most of your university counterparts. Don’t worry too much, you’ll develop a more unique style when you have to pay for everything yourself.

Mostly Bs:
You are the typical poor student. You struggle through with whatever cash you can scrape together from some awful part time job or Centrelink, or both if you’re lucky. Your style is shabby chic, you try to look cool but it’s hard when you’re broke!

Mostly Cs:
You are a hippie. You are probably vegan, may have dreadlocks, love Wholefoods,  and do everything you can to stop the rape of the earth. Your clothes are fair trade, ethically produced and animal free.

Mostly Ds:
You’re a hipster. A big giant hipster. But it’s not that bad, you’re among friends here and I’m sure you’ll get over it as soon as it’s not cool to be into stuff before it’s cool.