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I saw when I was at uni the yesterday that there is a Monash University Undergraduate Prize for Creative Writing. It is in partnership with the Emerging Writers’ Festival which is happening in Melbourne in May.

I have about a week off from classes at uni for Easter and while I will be using this time to catch up with people and get ahead in my readings, I decided today to challenge myself to write a story to enter in this competition.

I have no idea what my story will be about, but that’s not really the point. The point is I set myself a challenge with a deadline and I stick to it! Like NaNoWriMo last year, but y’know, smaller. If writing is as much about habit as talent, I’d better make sure I keep plugging away at it.

I also attended a free lecture this evening presented by the Victorian College of the Arts on screenwriting, and in particular plot and character development. It was the second in a series of three lectures (I missed the first one because I didn’t hear about it until yesterday, very disappointing) by a British guest lecturer Stephen Cleary.

He packed and enormous amount of content into a 90 minute lecture and I’m very glad I brought a notepad with me! I will have to read over what I wrote to make sure that it makes sense later on. Right now it’s still just settling in my brain. Although he was quite focused on writing for screen, I felt like a lot of what he said could be generalised for other genres of writing. My friend, Jonathan, who invited me along, was interested to ask Stephen how his material relates to serialised fiction, for example comic books or tv series with extended story arcs and almost ongoing character development, something that was not clear from what he spoke about.

I will definitely be going back next week for the last of the three lectures, pen and paper at the ready!

So I guess that’s it, just a small update partly to inspire me, and partly to inspire some of you! Keep making good art!