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I took myself on an adventure today and ended up in Box Hill. I went to a park which was called ‘Train Park’ in my family when I was a child because there is a miniature railway there. It’s correct name is ‘Elgar Park’ which is much less fun.


The miniature railway still runs every so often according to the sign which makes me happy. I have very fond memories of riding on the little train as a child.

I also went for a wander around the surrounding parklands. There are several large sports ovals where people were practising cricket.


I thought this was an interesting image. The carved letters had bled sap down the trunk, leaving sad trails over the paint.


I also found a discarded ball in the creek. The creek was full of all sorts of refuse, but I thought this ball looked a bit like the Death Star.


I’ve been working on editing my novel and have a workable first draft which I have sent to a couple of friends to read. I’m feeling quite good about it, so hopefully they like it too.