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Today I drove from Melbourneto Healesville with a friend and her dad, who was visiting from Dubai. Healesville is about 60km from Melbourne, it’s a lovely town with a population of about 6,500 (according to Wikipedia). There is an excellent eatery/winery there called Innocent Bystander Giant Steps which is where we ate the most amazing lunch and later had amazing coffee and lemon tarts! From what I understand it is named after two wines produced by one winery. After eating we went for a walk around the town, I took my lovely new toy and got some cool photos. Here they are! I hope you enjoy the adventure as much as I did!

For some reason this person had a giant bird skull on their dashboard…

This is one of the boutiquey gift shops, but the mascot seems quite creepy.

It also had this super creepy clown/jack-in-a-box painted on the side wall.

This Jackalope was inside the Fancy Goods shop, it was weirder in real life.

This was in a lovely jewelers, it’s an antique mirror but I really liked the effect of the decaying backing.

This clock was in the same shop and I thought it was just cool, so I took a picture.

This old trumpet was in the best second hand shop ever, it was jam packed with all sort of bizarre items. A true trash and treasure trove!

This was on display in the second hand shop – I don’t think they were for sale.

This was on a creek bed next to the main street, such beautiful vibrant colours!

In Healesville, they don’t have boring old street lights like they do in the city, they have hung onto some elegant old world charm.

All in all it was an excellent opportunity to take some lovely photos of stuff I wouldn’t normally see, to get out into the country, to indulge in some excellent food and drink and company. I hope you have enjoyed the photos. I like to use these photo essays to express the artiness that comes most naturally – basically taking a whole bunch of photos of whatever takes my fancy and hoping that some of them are worthwhile.