Hi, my name is Fleur Blüm. In late 2011 I decided to change my life. I wanted to spend more time working to be a writer and an artist, in an effort to get closer to the real me. I chose to work part time, I chose to focus on my creative endeavours and to go back to uni to help build up my knowledge. I finished my Bachelor of Letters in History and Literature in 2015.

I have published four novels and two short poetry collections, and performed, written and produced two comedy theatre shows for the Melbourne Fringe Festival.

I was interviewed for The Creators Process, by Jayden, in early 2021 Episode 47: Fleur Blüm. You can also find an interview by Rebeccah Giltrow from February 2013 here.

You can email me at fleurblum@hotmail[dot]com if you want to converse with me somewhere that’s not the comments, or invite me to an event etc.
I am available for commissioned work, including writing, photography, and life modelling in the Melbourne area.

I’m also available via twitter, @FleurBlum, and Instagram, @FleurBlum.

All material found on this blog is copyright to Fleur Blüm, on the published date, unless specifically acknowledged as otherwise. No images, words or ideas should be taken from this blog without first seeking permission. I’m sure I’ll be happy to give it where due credit is given.

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