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Christmas was kind of fabulous – I got lots of lovely things from my friends and family and it was really very relaxed and cool. On Boxing Day I decided to brave the sales and buy myself an extravagant gift – a brand new digital SLR camera.

After shopping around for a while I decided to get a Canon EOS 1100 D. I realise that this is not the best or most expensive, stylish, fancy camera out there but honestly that’s not what I was going for. I wanted a camera that was versatile, that had good auto features for dummies but that could be used on full manual once I get it under control. I didn’t want to spend too much on my first camera for two reasons first I don’t have much money now that I’m not working for the man and secondly, as my mother said, “…if you get something middle of the range you can afford to upgrade quicker if that’s what you want to do.”

So I bought it.

I used to have a good understanding of film SLR photography and darkroom stuff from high school, but that was ten years ago and I have been using point n shoot cameras since then so I will be enrolling in a nice DSLR 101 course as soon as I can – the place I got the camera at has them one as part of the package and I’m not going to refused a free course! If it doesn’t cater to what I want I’ll look into other courses, but it’s a convenient place to start.

Unfortunately the course is not for a few weeks so I have been fooling around with the camera and I thought you might like to see my first attempts at being arty with my new fangled camera. Behold!

A cow in a tree with sun flare!

This was at Docklands, inMelbournewhich is a newly developed area that they have filled with conceptual art pieces. I thought the sun flare was also quite cool (also notice the beautiful clear sky).

This one was at the Korean restaurant where I had lunch, I thought the composition was kinda cool.

This has some excellent colour – my friend Louise was not aware that I was taking her picture at the time (naughty me). This one is back in Docklands.

This last one is a building again in Docklands, I assume that the thing in the middle is just supposed to be a waveform, but from this angle it looks quite like eyes and the top of a nose. I liked it.

I took about 100 pictures today, oh the joys of digital photography, there were quite a few good ones among them. I hope you guys like these pictures, I just wanted to tell you all that I have a fun new toy and hopefully there will be some more photo essays coming up.