In the last week of NaNoWriMo, I’ve been having a poorly photoshopped war with my sister…

Dances with Cucumbers

*deface religious art with a visual pun, it’s a Blasphememe!

We’ve decided that the ‘art’ we’re creating by mashing art works and puns together should be called Blasphememes. Here are some more.

Berry Caesar

We start with Jacqui’s “I came to Berry Caesar, not to praise him”.


Then we have Fleur’s “Primavera”, after Botticelli. It’s a bowl of pasta, not a pizza, by the way.

lamb of god

Next, Jacqui’s “Roast Lamb of God”, served with roast pumpkin of God.

Saint Sebastan Speared with Asparagus

Fleur’s “St Sebastian Speared with Asparagus”, sticking with the food theme.

st asparagustine

To which Jaqui’s reply was obviously “St Asparagustine”.

Judith Warheading Holofernes

Then Fleur got a bit more expansive in her definition of food, “Judith Warheading Holofernes”.

et tu

Going for the King of all puns, the Latin pun, Jacqui’s “Et tu Brighteyes?”

Venus and Mars

Fleur seems to be rather obsessed with Botticelli, again, here’s “Venus and Mars”.


Then we went a bit Arthurian, Jacqui’s “Parsleyfal” (this guy’s name is Percival…

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