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This weekend I went up to a spot called Riverview in the bush near Tatong, Victoria to Panacea. It was part music festival, part yoga festival and all awesome. Organised largley by Chloe, who brings experience from Folk Rhythm & Life, and Stefan, this was the first year Panacea was run.

There were fifty something bands, two stages, a yoga space and a discovery space. I went up because the band that I’m a groupie for, Destrends, was playing and I had to. I took along the big camera to get some shots of their set, but I mostly left it in the car the rest of the time.

It’s the sort of festival where there’s no phone reception and no power. There was a creek to bathe in but most people went for the baby wipe shower (or not at all).

I took two videos of the boys playing:

Epic Entrance – why walk on stage when you can be carried on in a coffin?

“My Friend”

I had a fantastic time, bonding with people, having human conversations, getting back to nature, getting covered in dust and flies (so many flies). It’s important to just exist sometimes, unplug from the digital world, sit in the grass, and talk shit with strangers. It’s the perfect place for that.

I obviously didn’t get any of my NaNoWriMo stuff done, and it was really nice to have a few days off from thinking about it. I have 11,000 words to win and seven days to write them in. I think I’m well set up to do it!

I’m looking forward to seeing Panacea find it’s feet in the music scene, I really want them to run it again so I can go back next year. But right now I have to go try to get some writing done on my Choose Your Own Adventure (which I am procrastinating by writing this post).

Rock out!