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This is just going to be a short selection of thoughts about the show I saw tonight. As part of the Melbourne International Comedy Festival I saw ‘More Tape’ performed by The Boy with Tape on his Face at the Forum Theatre in Melbourne.

Performed by New Zealander Sam Wills, this one hour show had no dialogue, just very cleverly constructed prop and music based comedy. The Boy uses audience participation to great effect,giving instructions via mute demonstration to convey the role the audience member is supposed to play in a particular part of the show. While I was not selected to go up on stage, even when I had dressed specifically with this in mind, I still had an excellent time.

The Boy’s website says that this is comedy to feed the inner child, it is light hearted and I find it fascinating how quickly he gets the audience to be on his side.

While waiting for the show to start the soundtrack for ‘Edward Scissorhands’ was playing, a soundtrack that for me always brings me to the edge of tears (part joy, part sadness). As the other patrons took their seats I overheard a woman remark to her companion that the music reminded her of ‘Harry Potter’ and I felt simultaneously old and infuriated. I was tempted to explain to her the depth of her wrongness, but I decided not to.

This show is fabulous, and even though I’ve seen some of the material before on youtube or elsewhere, it will always be funny. Anyone who is looking for a comedy festival show to see this is a great one, guaranteed to have you feeling the simple joy of being alive as you leave.

So, to conclude, please enjoy this non-spoilery clip to demonstrate the genius of the Boy with Tape on his Face.