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I think I mentioned recently having entered the Fairfax 1440 Photographic Essay competition. It was to be announced at the end of June, so given that I haven’t been notified that I won I am going to assume that I didn’t.

Since I didn’t win, I feel I can now publish the photographic essay that I submitted without being concerned about conflict and stuff.

The theme given was light and you were asked to impose your own additional theme to tie the photos together. I decided that I wanted to do portraits and that I wanted to try to capture genuine emotions, rather than the standard posed portraits that seem to be everywhere. So here are my six photos:







I think that I did a fairly good job. I guess when I’m a bit more experienced I wll be able to capture more of what I’m looking for but it’s all a learning process. My favourite on is definitely the second one, there’s something in her face that makes me smile everytime I see it.

I’m currently on the road in Texas, having a blast and taking a whole heap of photos. Internet access is a bit patchy but I will try to get some more posts up soon.