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Last Friday I went to an exhibition opening at Artboy in Greville St Prahran. Some of you may remember that I helped my friend Jonathan take his work there to be exhibited the week before.

Exhibition openings tend to be fun, they have free or cheap drinks, you get to hang around with arty types and look at lovely artworks. This opening had all of those things and more – the theme, goodies and baddies, lent itself to dress up, and the gallery owner encouraged people to get creative with costumes. There was a Bobba Fett and a Storm Trooper, a Joker and various other characters. Because myself and my friend Gabrielle were the subjects of Jonathan’s contribution, Jonathan suggested that we dress up as the characters, I was Silver Angel, and Gabrielle was Hellbitch.

This is the work that Jonathan put up; it’s a four panel piece that is designed to work as a page and each panel on its own. I love them, my favourite is the bottom left.

As you can see from the work, the costumes were pretty minimal. Jonathan being the creative whiz that he is made the costumes for us and took some shots of us at the opening.

There was a lot of fighting…

And hair pulling…

Until we joined forces to overpower a common enemy (although to be honest he doesn’t look too upset to be defeated).

All of Jonathan’s work is for sale so please contact me if you’re interested in purchasing.