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Saturday night for me was pretty sedate; I went out for dinner with a friend in the Melbourne suburb of Fitzroy. After dinner we went out for hot chocolate and macarons at Shocolate in Johnson St.

We decided to sit outside and not long after we sat down it started to rain. It was the first time I’ve had an opportunity to take photographs of rain at night, and I tried to get some representative ones:

This is the view from where we were sitting across the Johnson St & Brunswick St intersection. I like the way the rain  makes the road reflective and the drops caught in the headlights.

I was trying to capture the way the rain shone in the lamplight; I think I only got part of the way to getting it to translate into the picture.

Here I was trying to get the ribbons of rain coming off the awning; note the beautiful wrought iron fence and graffiti typical of Fitzroy.

This is the chilli hot chocolate that I had; I quite like the sort of washed out yellow quality of the photo coming from the lamplight.

This is my friends orange hot chocolate; notice how this one has a little bit of a richer tone due to it being lit more from the candle on the left than from the street lamp.