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But I’ve decided to perform some of my poetry at the Dan O’Connell in the next couple of weeks.

I became enamoured of the idea last night after I had a horrible meeting with the group who I am supposed to be doing an Accounting assignment with. I guess it was also the flowering of a seed planted last Saturday when, while sitting waiting for my friend to join me, one of the organisers asked if it was my first time there and if I was interested in reading.

I don’t really know why, but it seems like a good idea, I wrote a poem last night to celebrate the decision. I haven’t spoken in front of a group for a really long time but I used to do it a bit.

It’s one of those ‘put yourself out of your comfort zone’ things that I have been trying to do recently. Stay tuned for a review of whether I actually do it and how it goes. I will also publish the poems that I read for you in the blogosphere who are not able to attend.

It’s scary but potentially really awesome!

PS: this is my 50th blog post. I am pretty stoked with my progress and with my consistency in posting. Yay me!