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This post won’t have many words, just some of photos from my adventure. Enjoy!

I don’t really know what to say about this… It’s cool though. It’s a sticker about 10cm high that was stuck on a fence in Carlton. I am sure it’s making a statement but I’m not really sure what the statement is.

A tiny tree tries to grow in a wall. This was in an outdoor ladies bathroom in Princes Park, Carlton. They had that very shiny interleaved toilet paper that reminded me of primary school.

This is a section of the fence surrounding the Melbourne General Cemetery. I thought it could be used as an illustration for a dystopian book; it looks more like what you would find on the top of a Victorian prison than a cemetery to me. I also like the colours of the green fence and the rusted barbed wire.

I liked the way the cemetery looked through the gates; the cemetery had been locked up so I couldn’t get inside but I liked this view.

My shadow cast on a tree lining the cemetery fence – it casts a nice clear silhouette don’t you think?

The main gates to the Melbourne General Cemetery. I liked the classic gothic architecture of the gateway coupled with the autumnal glory of the tree in the background. I have been loving the autumn colours around at the moment!

Just to prove the point, some more gorgeous autumn leaves.

This was a leaking drain spilling out onto the footpath. I liked the way that you can almost see the reflection of the clear blue sky in it, and the way it looks a bit like a person scratching their head.

This bike was just sitting against the fence, looking lonely, the building site behind it looks like an industrial wasteland. I seem to be going through a dystopian urban landscape phase; I blame the novella, it has dystopian undertones.