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After writing the post earlier about how emotional I had found writing I decided to go for a wander down to Kooyong Lawn Tennis Courts and take some photos of the ivy growing on the outer walls.

Malvern and surrounding suburbs has the highest proportion of ivy covered buildings I’ve seen in Melbourne, and given that it is well into autumn here the leaves are starting to go a brilliant red; not all of them and not all the time, so you get a lovely colour effect.

The view through the bars to the main courts.

Along the outer wall.

Above the gate.

It was also sunset as I was taking these pictures, the colours about don’t show the gorgeous sky colouration so here are some more of that.

The view through the gate

Slightly further down the hill there is a freeway (to the left of the shot) that runs over parklands (in which the big electricity towers are shown). I liked the juxtaposition of this shot – the wire fencing, the freeway overpass, the electrical towers and the trees.

This one is looking down a hill across a busy street. You can see here the gradation of the sky, and the pink over the city in the distance. I also like how warm the street lamp is in this shot.

It was a gorgeous night and I rode my bike, it was a really lovely end to a pretty up and down sort of day. I hope to have some more lovely photos to share with you all soon.