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Tasmania has been marketing for some time as the pristine state, it even says so on the number plates, for some time. It is known for it’s rugged wilderness, for Cradle Mountain, for beautiful coast lines, for islands and lakes and rivers and general gorgeousity.

While our trip was not particularly rugged or wilderness focussed there were a couple of excellent outdoor photo opportunities; here are my selected highlights.

This was the view from the café at Grandvewe Sheep Cheese Farm in Birch’s Bay.

Here we have the coast near Woodbridge, south of Hobart.

This wetland was part of the grounds at the Christmas Hills Raspberry Farm near Devonport (the same one with the creepy abandoned farmhouse).

I have no idea what sort of tree this is, but I like the way the photo has come out with only some of the berries in focus.

This was taken along the scenic route between Devonport and Burnie on the north coast of Tassie. I like the volcanic rocks stretching out to meet the sea.

As I said there was not a lot of nature appreciation scheduled for this trip, it was mostly spent appreciating food, wine and culture. I guess it just means I’ll have to go back!