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There are lots of really excellent aspects to Tasmania and one that really stood out for me what the architecture. Unlike in Melbourne or Sydney the proportion of very old buildings is much higher in Hobart and in many of the small towns dotted around the state. Many of the bigger cities seem to have an overwhelming urge to tear down buildings when they get to a certain age, say 50 or 100 years old, but in Tassie they seem to be much more loving to their old buildings.

I took a few shots of some of the more interesting old buildings on my travels, I hope you enjoy them

Treasury Building in Hobart, the capital of Tasmania.

The Savings Bank, Hobart, est. 1845.

I liked these two buildings because they’re just so colourful. They are retail shops in the central Hobart area.

The State Theatre, now a really awesome cinema in Hobart est. 1913

This is in Salamanca Place, I liked the colonial (some might say convict) feel of this building.

This is the Cascade Brewery just south of Hobart. The building has two dates, 1824 is the year the company was established and 1927 is the year they built the top two stories of the building you see here.

The Esk Brewery (named after the Esk River where they sourced their water) est. 1881, bought by J. Boag & Son in 1883. I like the way the light comes over the top here, I like to think it’s like God approves of the beer.

This is the Boag’s Centre for Beer Lovers, originally (according to Wikipedia) this was the Lame Dog Hotel, built in 1826.

This was a church I went past on my way along the North Coast of Tasmania in a town called Penguin, which was built in 1903 (according to the internet).

To finish off I thought I would include these two buildings, they appeared to be part of a property which we visited where they grew raspberries. Unfortunately the raspberries did not even come close to the amazing melt in your mouth ones we bought at Salamanca Markets, however these cool dilapidated buildings almost made up for it. I get a very Texas Chainsaw Massacre feeling when I look at these ruined farm houses.