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And now it’s over again for the year. I managed to do all thirty, though not all on their allocated day. At least one I missed as I came down with the dreaded COVID about a week ago. Thankfully, I’m feeling much improved, though not quite back to previous levels of health.

I’m going to leave the poems to mature for a while before going back to revise them. I don’t know whether many of them will be deemed worth publishing at any time. My poetry group has dissolved, and as yet I haven’t found a new one so I’ll have to find someone else to workshop my poems with, informally perhaps.

Did anyone else do anything fun writing wise (or otherwise) through April?

Now that the poetry challenge has finished, I’ll move back to some of my other prose works. I didn’t do any work on those projects while I was doing NaPoWriMo, but that’s to be expected.