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I’m very excited to share with you the cover art for my two new novels: Sins of the Father, and The Mother’s Fault.

These novels follow two generations of Barrett Women: Janine and Chloe. They can be read in any order, or individually.

A reader discretion warning is in place both novels, they each deal with dark themes. Unlike my previous releases, these are not romance novels, and deal largely with dysfunctional romantic and familial relationships.

Massive thank you to Charmaine who does my covers, you are a wizard at interpreting what I want and make it into an image.

Every choice can change you for better. Or worse.

Sins of the Father

Janine Barrett is like every other fifteen-year-old—she knows it all. When her father passes away, and she’s stuck with her vindictive mother, and a shameful secret; it’s time to break out on her own.

But surviving life as an adult—juggling schoolwork, a household, and a boyfriend—is a lot harder than she thought. And that’s only the beginning.

What will she sacrifice to have it all and prove her mother wrong?

Follow Janine’s journey as she grows up from a naïve, rebellious teen in 1980s Melbourne.

The Mother’s Fault

Chloe Barrett had a tough childhood, but she’s determined not to let it limit her future. She’s got a good job, a couple of close friends, and a decent boyfriend.  

She pulled herself up out of a dark childhood with an unreliable mother and her unpredictable boyfriends, but has Chloe done enough to overcome her brutal childhood and become a happy, fulfilled adult?  

Follow Chloe as she tries to work out if she’s managed to catch the right kind of man this time and build her perfect life, in spite of her mother’s faults.  

Both titles will be ready for purchase on 28 February 2022, pre-order links to follow.