Fleur de lys
Fleur Delacour

French. Noun. Popular in the Netherlands
misheard as Laura or Claire
my name evokes many moods
saccharine, feminine, delicate

Brings to mind
old wallpaper, couches
vintage polyester dresses
plastic plant arrangements

I like my name, especially the double
with Eloise between them for contrast.
Despite disdain towards my father
I keep his name; it suits me

Grown from the dirt to bloom in the world
there is something in a flower’s nature
that resonates. I create beauty
attract others to my presence despite insecurities

I like being the centre of attention.
Am yet to produce fruit
merely decorative with a hint of danger
with thorns to prick if held wrong

To bloom and eventually fade
my flower changes over time
A legacy of joy, or perhaps
contentment will be my gift.