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Post number six in my collections from the US; urban monuments. There are some places that just inspire photos, and a lot of them that are from New York! It’s like I’m all about the east coast.

I like the idea that these are man made objects that have become the object of worship and awe. There is something about these places that triggers a response to take photos in tourists, this reflex to capture the moment, even though you may never look through your photos again.


Grand Central Station with at least one person coming from the LGBTIQ Pride Parade, can you spot them?


The New York City Public Library. This reminded me really strongly of a scene in the Harry Potter Lego video game, and when I showed a colleague at work they said the State Library in Melbourne was better.


Radio City Music Hall. I really liked the art deco stylings and the use of neon lights, it’s very different to a lot of the stuff you get here in Melbourne.


The classic night time shot of Times’ Square. I actually didn’t enjoy it that much (the Broadway show I saw excluded, because that was amazing!), it was full of other tourists and street hawkers trying to get money from me, but it was definitely an experience I am glad I had.


Manhattan city skyline from the top of the Rockefeller building. The day was weirdly overcast, but still very warm and glarey.


Obligatory photo of Lady Liberty. It was the same day as the photo of the skyline but the sun had come out by then. I tried to get a bit arty with the angle, I’m not sure I succeeded.


World War II Memorial in Washington D.C. Each of the pillars you can see in the background represents a state and their contribution (and losses).


On the fourth of July the Washington Monument was lit up by fireworks as the sun set; it was pretty spectacular. Unfortunately the monument is still covered in scaffolding because it split during an earthquake a couple of years ago.


This is Elvis’ grave at Graceland, Memphis. You can see from the contributions left there that people literally worship it. According to the guided narration device, they will display any and all tributes on the grave until such time as the elements degrade them. The graves along side are Elvis’ parents and twin brother who died as an infant. I must say it’s weird visiting graves when the weather is nice, it seems unfitting.


To contrast the impressive image of the original Lady Liberty, here is a shot of the replica in Las Vegas. There is something about the city that makes me wary; some seething underbelly of human misery upon which these glittering, gaudy monuments are built.


The last photo in this group is of Santa Monica Pier and Venice Beach. The weather here was a bit strange, it was a little bit cold, and the clouds were coming down over the hills behind the ferris wheel. I think it was also a lot less busy because it was not a nice day so I got a different feeling of the area than what’s shown in movies and TV. It’s hard to imagine this as the Baywatch Beach from this photo.