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The third in my series of photo essays from my travels in the USA. I like to think of these as the ‘arty’ shots; here I put less emphasis on what the photo is of, and more emphasis on the aesthetically pleasing elements captured in the image.
Given this, I’m not going to tell you a story about these photos, I’ll just tell you where they were taken, and you can make up the story that goes with them.

IMG_5711 Southbank, Brisbane.

IMG_6218 Battery Maritime Building, Manhattan.

IMG_6213 Battery Maritime Building, Manhattan.

IMG_6357 Washington D.C.

IMG_6532 Wytheville, Virginia.

IMG_6553 Nashville, Tennessee.

IMG_7073 St Louis Cemetery #1, New Orleans.

IMG_7247 Somewhere along the road in Texas.

IMG_7484 Santa Fe, New Mexico.

IMG_7616 Monument Valley, it’s either Utah or Arizona, the state line runs through the whole area.

IMG_8063 San Diego, California.