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This week I spent three days in Adelaide doing training for work. I had intended to have a bit of a wander around the city and get some photos of the different architecture and other stuff that I wouldn’t see in Melbourne. However my knee is still pretty sore so walking a long way was out of the question, and by the end of each full day of training all I wanted to do was sleep/watch tv.

I took a couple of shots from my hotel room of sunset, they’re not very good and I took a couple of shots on a brief walk later that same night. Unfortunately almost all of the night photos are motion blurred because I didn’t take the tripod.

All in all I was not able to make the most of the trip and that makes me a little disappointed.

This is a pub across the road from where we had dinner on the second night, in King William St. I liked the old style architecture and in particular the colour of the sky – such an amazing blue.

While waiting for the food to come out I tried to be artistic with this wine glass. I quite like that the shadow of the glass looks like it comes straight out of the base.

This is the best of the collection of sunset shots. It seems to be a little grainy which is disappointing – it would have been better with a lower ISO and a tripod for a longer exposure. Next time I go travelling I’ll take the tripod!