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I was riding my push-bike home from the gym last Saturday when I saw this looming blue-stone structure; unromantically I think it’s an electricity substation, but I like to think of it as the doorway to a creepy unlisted/abandoned underground prison.

Surely it was not constructed as an electricity substation, and was commandeered for the purpose; I wonder what it was for originally (if not for electricity)?

This must be the entrance to the structure; I think it looks a bit like it was designed by Daleks, but perhaps I’m imagining it.

The highly secure opening mechanism; in my head behind this plate is the button that opens the gates at the front (in reality they also have a very pedestrian padlock, clearly not the work of Daleks).

This patch of lichen was growing on one of the bluestones, I liked the combination of the hard structure with nature starting to reclaim the stones.

Similarly this little guy seems to have sprouted in one of the cracks.

This is a view past the building into the distance. It was taken between the Monash freeway and the Yarra but I liked that it could really be anywhere. I also liked the stark sharpness of the gumtree (almost in silhouette) against the gentle early evening sky.

I like this series because think it highlights how much of our surroundings we tend to take for granted, but when you really think about it, you can see the beauty or otherworldliness of an object you see every day. I think as a photographer it’s my job to take ordinary things and view them from an extraordinary perspective, to give them a different narrative or to show them in a different way so that others around me can share the world I see.