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Some of you may know that the hospitality job I have is working in a school, as a result I have no work over the school holidays (which started today) – this is both a good and bad thing. Good in the sense that I will have lots of time to devote to artistic projects, and bad in the sense where I have no money for two weeks.

I have been reading on one of the blogs I follow about some awesome sounding short story competitions coming up in the next 3 months or so. There are quite a few there that look interesting and I am hoping to submit something to all of them (yes I’m even going to have a crack at the novella one but I’ve never written 15,000 words so we’ll treat that more as an experiment than anything).

My task over the next two weeks is to blog, write first drafts of all of my submissions, go on a day trip with fellow photographer friend Wade to Ballarat (negotiable) to get some awesome nature shots and catch up/get ahead on some of my uni homework.

I would encourage others to also submit things to some of these competitions; I would be happy to work with you on your drafts if you would return the favour. I am excited mostly by the idea of being ‘forced’ to write something in parameters; I find parameters are good for my creativity because otherwise I stare at the blank page for hours.

So who’s in?