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One of the things I really want to do now that I’m being all creative and stuff is join a writer’s group. There are a couple of things standing in my way.

  1. it’s a bad time of year – a lot of the groups I have found online don’t appear to meet over summer, or at least over the festive period**;
  2. many of the groups appear to be targeted to the semi-retired set and I don’t think this is what I need (mostly from a social viewpoint, I really want to meet some new friends);
  3. I want a group that will have (at least in part) a focus on poetry; most of the groups appear to be more general;
  4. the poetry groups out there appear to be more spoken word focussed, which would appear to have less emphasis on critique of the writing style.

I guess this post is a bit of  shout out to those of you in the blogosphere who are writers; what is a good group to join for a (largely) under 40 crowd, to get a good variety of writing styles, to get a good constructive critique of your work, and that has good regular meetings?

Secondly, if I were to find a good Melbourne based writer’s group would there be anyone out there who would want to come with me? A group buddy who would motivate me when I was all ‘I can’t be bothered coming up with anything for the next meeting’, who would look over my stuff before I showed it to the group and gave me their thoughts, someone for whom I would do the same.

Lastly, if there is no consensus regarding a group that would be in line with what I want, would there be anyone who would want to join/founder a group like that with me?

Obviously creating a writer’s group would be challenging for me to say the least but if it meant that I actually had access to the sorts of stuff I really want and there were others out there who were also getting good things from the group I would be up for the challenge.

Ok internet – show me what you got!

** although I did just find a poetry event in Carlton on 24th Dec which I am TOTALLY going to.