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In my last entry I talked about finding some sculpture that I was going to post separately, well, here it is as a photo essay!

This was on the foreshore in Byron Bay just up the road from the main pub strip.

The plaque (below) says that the “Tree Theatre” was donated to Byron Bay by a local artist, have a read of the plaque.

It’s pretty impressive!

There is a circle of wood laying in the centre, I would suggest it was for sitting on, but I don’t really know, and then there is another circle of wood that is standing, slightly further out, creating a boundary between the theatre and the rest of the world.

These looked like gateways to me; the one opposite seems to have had the top knocked/fall off (EDIT: when I went back they had fixed this bit). I felt like it was inviting me in; come join us in the circle!

There were also a four trees that had been charred on the outside and placed in the outer circle, three of which had words etched onto them; one lying down and two standing.

The text reads:  ‘The social belonging tries to absorb the single person’s attention and replace his identity, not leaving enough space for individualism.’

The text reads: ‘The desire of integration to become part of society is a garmet (sic) that is sewn from birth.’

The text reads: ‘Have you found your self portrait?’

I felt like this work was and excellent use of the space. It is a little unfortunate that it’s a bit away from the main area and won’t get seen by everyone, but maybe that makes it better, that you have to discover it to really enjoy it.