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I spent today feeling like I did not achieve very much. In the morning I made a bag from an old pair of jeans I found while cleaning stuff out to go the op shop. Here is a bad photo from my phone:

At about 5pm I decided I needed to go on an adventure. I have a friend who goes on adventures all the time and seems to have a brilliant time, but I’ve never really been sure how one goes about having an adventure – I decided the best way to try to have an adventure was to go out and see what happened.

I went down the road to Victoria Gardens shopping centre with the vague idea of getting some art supplies and looking at baskets for my bicycle. I got a whole bag of (probably poor quality) art stuff from a $2 shop; acrylic paints, brushes, pencils and a sketch book.

After that I thought I would go for a ride down by the Yarra and see if there were any good photo opportunities, here are some of them:

I was thinking about how the juxtaposition of the industrial landscape and the bare trees was really ‘dystopian future’. I tried to capture it but I’m not sure if I really got it. I think I will redo at least one of these as a painting/drawing to see if I can get the feel more of what I saw and less of what the camera saw.

Watch this space, I’ll post a photo of what I come up with.