When I woke up this morning I decided that I would go on an adventure and make a photo essay of my travels. However, I think I’m still recuperating my energy from being in my last job and therefore I didn’t do a very good job.

Today I managed to watch a lot of Arrested Development and some QI. I pottered around on the internet, caught up on reading my blog subscriptions and then I finally got off my ass to go for an adventure about 2.30pm.

I decided to ride my bike down to Camberwell to pick up a book that my psychologist had recommended. I got the book, and I sat down to start reading it while sipping a coffee from the shop the lovely shop assistant had recommended. The shop assistant was very sweet, he looked about 18 and complimented my ‘body mods’. He recommended a café called Cattivo because he said Cattivo meant naughty in Italian and they would look after me.

When I got there the barista was a very attractive woman with long dark hair and lovely tattoo sleeves. The coffee was good and I went across the road to sit in the park. I read a bit of the book and I took these photos:

So this is my first attempt at a photo essay; I admit has a lot of room for improvement in particular in terms of focus on the task, given that I forgot to take photos – I was so focussed on the destination I forgot about the journey but I hope that I will get better at appreciating the journey as I get more settled into my new lifestyle and get some energy back.